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Solutions for retailers, owners and investors

Advice from the conception of the strategy to its implementation aiming at the best real estate result, either through new leases; lease renegotiations; acquisition or demobilization of real estate; structured operations such as "Built to Suit", etc...

What we do

CBRE presents its clients with complete solutions to optimize their real estate goals:

Retailers: Market-real estate consulting; technical-commercial analysis of the client's strategy; demographic and real estate studies; proactive prospecting for new units or relocations; commercial beaconing during negotiation; Management of the process with internal and external stakeholders to the client.

Owners: critical analysis of the project, based on the typical needs of the retail market; technical-commercial proposition to maximize the liquidity of the enterprise; definition of the mix and pricing; Coordination of marketing through new locations, sales, built to suit, etc.

Investors: definition of the real estate strategy with the client; market analysis for commercial guidance; coordination of the sale, Sale & Lease Back or prospecting opportunities for acquisition; funding support; structured operations, etc.

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  • With a focus on managing its clients' contracts, CBRE offers solutions to ensure compliance with all contractual obligations inherent to the leasing of their properties.

  • A complete package in occupant services, developed to add value and advantage to our customers' businesses.

  • Strategies and customized solutions in real estate leasing and dissemination, providing fast and efficient results, aligned with the objectives and expectations of its clients

  • CBRE's Industrial and Logistics Department has the expertise, the largest database in the segment and the largest real estate services platform focused on the Industrial and Logistics segment in the country.

  • CBRE offers solutions in the mediation of negotiations between owner and tenant, in moments of review and renewal of their lease agreements.