Contract Review and Renewal - Intermediation

CBRE offers solutions in the intermediation of negotiations between landlord and tenant, in times of review and renewal of their lease agreements.

With great expertise in the real estate market, CBRE performs the intermediation in the negotiations between owner and tenant in moments of review and renewal of their lease agreements, aiming at the maintenance of the tenant in the property in the long term and the adequacy of the values practiced to the reality of the current market.

What we do



  • Research Department

    Own research department with robust and updated database, enabling the monitoring of all market movements.

  • Market Share

    High market share in lease transactions, allowing the monitoring of the movements of the tenant in the market, with attention to any contacts for price taking or search for information about vacant properties.

  • Stay x Go Review

    Conducting thorough financial flow studies (Stay x Go Analysis), in order to understand the limits of the negotiation and elaborate the strategy, focusing on maximizing the rental value and the tenant's permanence in the property for the long term, through the establishment of a strong contract.

Understand how CBRE can help

  • Expertise for better performance
  • Assertiveness and accuracy in analysis
  • Risk reduction and maximization of financial performance
  • Maintaining a good landlord vs. tenant relationship
  • Impartiality and objectivity in the conduct of negotiations
  • Elaboration of strategy based on market data

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