About the Asset department

The Asset Management Department is the CBRE unit responsible for representing owners in the management of their property portfolios. With its extensive participation in the real estate market setting it apart, CBRE focuses on the strategic management of its clients' properties, working to maximize the revenue and retention of the tenants, including during contract renegotiation, price renewal or review, which may be requested by both parties when appropriate.

Tied to its strategic management, it also manages rental lease agreements, lifting this burden from owners and allowing them to focus on strategic decision-making. The professionalism in working with lessees, freeing up owners from front-line dealings with tenants, and the use of a specific system of contract management, including online availability of key portfolio information in a secure and exclusive environment, guarantees total security in the control of insurance renewal dates, guarantees and contract expiration, among other things, thus minimizing the risk inherent in this type of investment.

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What we do

Strategic management of rental lease agreements
CBRE works to maximize the income from its clients' properties, striving for continuity in cash flow and retention of tenants in the buildings.

CBRE's extensive participation in leasing and sales transactions, contract renewal and review, assessment and market research in general is fundamental to identifying potential movements of tenants, and allows proactive decisions to be made whenever a potential risk to the owner's revenue is identified.

In addition, performing periodic inspections of the properties can provide important information on their state of upkeep, identifying anything irregular done by the tenant, their occupancy status whether densely or sparsely occupied, allowing the prediction of possible movement.

Having completed the strategic part of the service, CBRE then handles the negotiation of contracts with tenants on behalf of its clients, when prices need to be reviewed or when they come up for renewal. For this, an analysis is done of the current market conditions as a whole and of the region where the property is located, of the rental lease agreement in question and the current status of the tenant, thereby suggesting negotiation strategies to the owner. After the negotiations, the project culminates in a document drawn up formalizing the negotiations, which can be done by the CBRE real estate market specialists, with important clauses included to protect the owners from future problems.
Management of rental lease agreements
The rental lease agreement management consists of monitoring and carrying out all the activities between a lessor and lessee. This is an essential activity for tenant satisfaction, since prompt response to appropriate requests and the professional relationship between parties is vital. With this, the owner is free to focus on making strategic decisions about their properties and rental lease agreements.

It is important to pay attention to various contract items to avoid future problems for the owner. Some examples are expiration dates of property insurance, building insurance, guarantees, rental lease agreement expiration, revision dates, dates for applying adjustments, etc.

All portfolio information is available online on CBRE's site, in a secure and exclusive portal for each client. Available data includes payment information (amounts paid, payment dates), tenants in default (if any), data on current contracts (start and end dates, date and index for adjustments, total rental value and value per square meter, area of the property, etc.), vacant properties, control of critical dates and availability of digital documents (rental lease agreements, inspection reports, insurance policies and guarantees, building plans, etc.). Along with this information, monthly reports are sent out regarding the progress of pending issues that month and major occurrences.

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