The Data Center department works with buildings and demands for the sole purpose of this type of activity. Because these demands require specific expertise, our team is made up of professionals specialized in this market serving the 3 main fronts: Occupiers, Operators and Investors.


Companies that have a space dedicated to IT within their offices, in their own or shared data center. We conduct analyses of their current occupancy for the best placement of this space, including Stay vs Gostudies, renegotiation of colocation contracts and operational Sale & Leasebacks.

Occupancy analysis - Colocation plan
  • Analysis of the current IT infrastructure
  • Analysis of the technical requirements of the project
  • Mapping of internet exchange points (IXPs)
  • Survey of potential operators
  • Technical and financial comparisons between operators
  • Business negotiations
  • SLA negotiations
  • Assistance with the final contract


Companies that sell colocation, hosting, telecom services, or who need a fully dedicated data center.

We focus on searching for self-standing buildings for mission-critical systems, using tools such as the mapping of cables, high-voltage lines and surveying risk factors to the operation.

Site Selection – properties for data centers
  • Strategic project planning
  • Market research - analysis of opportunities
  • Mapping the location's infrastructure (power and connectivity)
  • Risk analysis of the surrounding area
  • Technical and financial comparison
  • Business negotiations
  • Assistance with the final contract


Investment funds and operators looking for real estate or operations with income. 

With our experience and market knowledge, we guide these investors and assist them in the acquisition of real estate dedicated to a data center, both in the acquisition of the property (shell) and its full operation (shell, equipment and management).

Capital Markets
  • Analysis of the current market
  • Survey of potential investors
  • Definition of purchase and sale values
  • Coordination of the bidding process between investors
  • Business negotiations
  • Assistance with the contract process

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