The advantages of effective real estate portfolio services are easy to underestimate.
As a business grows and evolves, keeping track of rent payments, critical dates, negotiation opportunities and accounting compliance can represent a sizeable drain on time and resources – resulting in hidden inefficiencies and unrealized savings.

The time and depth of expertise required to address this can be prohibitive. Outsourcing the management of your lease obligations to CBRE’s dedicated Portfolio Services team allows us to identify opportunities, uncover savings, avoid risk, and manage landlord and sub-tenant interactions on your behalf – leaving your organization free to focus on core business objectives.

Selecting the right solution

Our 4 service tiers, has been specifically designed to cater real estate portfolios of different sizes.

Scope comparison

Side-by-side comparison of our commercial lease administration service tiers.

How our platform is structured

There are many ways in which CBRE Portfolio Services adds value to an organization.

Industrial Portfolio Services

Our specialists possess intricate knowledge of local industrial markets around the globe.

Retail Portfolio Services

CBRE Retail Services offers global reach and the capability to serve retailers across all retail environments.

Related Services

Through a global network of specialists, strategic partners and reliable suppliers, we provide insights and measurable results and create competitive advantages for our clients.
The Project Planning and Construction Management services offered by CBRE serve all the industrial and retail segments in projects ranging from the building of manufacturing plants, logistics operations and critical environments to corporate spaces, providing compliance with budgets, timelines and efficiency in the use of resources during the implementation of project stages.

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