Each year, hundreds of properties are analyzed throughout the country, totaling over R$ 40 billion in market value, which attests to the positive results of market-focused consulting and CBRE's technical qualifications. 

What we do

Property Valuation
An analysis methodology following Brazilian standards and aligned with international real estate property valuation practices.
  • Assessments for purchase and sale transactions
  • Evaluation of real estate development projects
  • Equity assessments
  • Evaluations of guarantees/collateral
  • Evaluations for IPO's
  • Evaluations for mergers and acquisitions

Investment portfolios
Every year, the principal managers and owners of investment portfolios rely on CBRE to evaluate their real estate assets thanks to the team's ability to analyze major portfolios with service excellence.

Shopping Centers
The V&A team specializes in analyzing shopping centers. Through a specific approach and a deep understanding of the operations of this type of asset, they analyze dozens of establishments every year, including the best shopping centers in Brazil. 

Real Estate Investment Funds
Real estate investment funds are vehicles seen more and more in the investment market, whether public or private.  CBRE has participated in various real estate investment IPOs, as well as in the periodic re-evaluation of private investments (FIPs) and private equity funds, always staying up-to-date about the possibility of future business.
  • Evaluation and studies on the viability of a public offering
  • Periodic equity assessments
  • Evaluation for the acquisition of new assets

The advisory service uses all of CBRE's real estate expertise for strategic guidance aligned with the client's objectives.
  • Better-use studies
  • Analyses of real estate viability
  • Analyses of business opportunities
  • Value analysis in different market and timing situations
  • Strategic recommendations on procedures to maximize value

Due Diligence
Real estate transactions need security. Through its due diligence service, CBRE guarantees reliability, from the strategic acquisition of real estate developments that demand sophisticated analysis, to analysis of portfolios with a large number of properties, resulting from mergers and acquisitions.
  • Due diligence for tax considerations
  • Document review
  • Financial due diligence for real estate developments

Related Services

Building Consultancy Services are a pre-operational consultancy aimed at developers, builders and architects focused on commercial condomiums to be used as apartments, offices or mixed use, and logistics parks; they also provide assistance during the development and construction phases.
The Project Planning and Construction Management services offered by CBRE serve all the industrial and retail segments in projects ranging from the building of manufacturing plants, logistics operations and critical environments to corporate spaces, providing compliance with budgets, timelines and efficiency in the use of resources during the implementation of project stages.