Manage Properties and Portfolios

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Portfolio management, identifying opportunities, avoiding risks and providing the necessary advice to maintain assets in the most efficient way.

The advantages of integrated portfolio management are easily underestimated. As a company grows and evolves, controlling administrative functions can be a considerable waste of time and resources, resulting in inefficiencies and lost savings.

The CBRE Real Estate Portfolio Management team is focused on the management of lease and sublease agreements, identifying opportunities from cost savings and risk reduction, to managing interactions with owners, leaving your team focused on the essential objectives of your business.

How CBRE can help

Choosing the right solution

We offer four types of real estate portfolio services: The services are designed to cater to portfolios of different sizes.

Comparative Summary

In this summary scheme, compare side by side what each of the 3 types of real estate portfolio management services offer.

The Value of Real Estate Portfolio Management Services

Click and get an overview of how our management platform is structured.

Industrial Portfolio Management

We have deep knowledge of the local and global industrial markets.

Retail Portfolio Management

CBRE Retail Services offers global reach and the ability to serve all types of retailers.

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