October 8, 2018
From October 8 to 12, CBRE held another session of CBRE Green Week, a week of activities that encourage the adoption of new behaviors with a focus on environmental awareness. The idea is that a series of small changes, when implemented by a large number of people, creates a significant impact on the preservation of collective resources and on the health of individuals themselves. Besides its sustainability initiatives, the company encourages its employees to make more conscientious decisions on a day-to-day basis. To facilitate the change, CBRE prepared a list of easy suggestions. Get on board.

On Monday, the Monday without Meat campaign proposes to make people aware of the impact that the use of animal products has   on animals, society, human health and  the planet. To participate is simple: try out recipes without meat and discover new flavors.

More than a show of friendship, giving a ride to colleagues can become a habit that reduces costs, improves traffic and decreases the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. This is the proposal for Tuesday: focusing on urban mobility, another theme that has a positive impact on our planet.

Leaving lights and equipment turned on when not in use is another behavior that can be changed. Wasting energy impacts the efficiency of companies and their domestic accounts, besides demanding greater production with the consumption of energy from sources that cause an environmental impact. This is Wednesday's focus.

To close out the week, Thursday highlights a fundamental theme: water. Shorter showers, brushing teeth or washing dishes without leaving the tap on are simple things that can avoid wasting such an important resource. Reducing consumption is possible by planning routines that involve the use of water resources.

Don't miss this opportunity: small actions that are within your reach are key to improving the global conditions of the environment. Check out some statistics about CBRE Green Week.