May 16, 2018
On May 8th, the GRI Club hosted the GRI Industrial & Logistics Brazil event. The event took place at the InterContinental Hotel in the city of São Paulo. CBRE Brazil was represented in the discussions by Fernando Terra, Director for Latin America – Industrial and Logistics 

Terra was the moderator of the panel “Last Mile: What are the real impacts for logistics players?” "Last mile” is the stage where products leave their strategic storage locations (hubs), such as logistics warehouses, for delivery to the consumer.  This is a segment that has adapted to the growing demand generated by e-commerce. 

The GRI Industrial and Logistics Brazil event brought together names such as Mauro Dias (GLP Brazil), Stephen Tanembaum (GTIS Partners), Gastão Valente (GIC), Roberto Perroni (Brookfield), Marcelo Michaluá (RB Capital), Paulo Silva (Walmart), Allan Paiotti (GuardeAqui), Stelleo Tolda (Mercado Livre), Hans Peter Scholl (MetroFit) and Eduardo Corbett (DHL), among others. 

CBRE, the world leader in real estate consulting, stresses the importance of participating in events that bring together leading decision-makers for the sector in Brazil.  Besides being a sponsor, its executives are present in key debates about the market, working together for its constant development.