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Trainee Program

The Trainee Program was created to attract, retain and develop young talent because these high-performing individuals have the potential to become future leaders in the short or medium term.

For a period of 24 months, participants go through an accelerated development process. They are integrated into various areas, performing activities focused on commercial areas with the intent to develop their knowledge and potential. Leading company executives serve as mentors, guiding the development of the trainees, who are also encouraged to think of innovative improvements through an individual project.

The organization seeks inspired professionals who make a difference, have the courage to express their ideas and feelings, contribute to the results with a team spirit and have a passion for everything they do.

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Through its business areas, CBRE offers learning and development for undergraduate students, allowing them to participate in projects and training with continuous guidance.

The internship period can last up to two years, with the possibility of permanent CBRE careers for students coming from courses in Business Administration, Engineering and Architecture.

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Inclusion Program

Inclusion Program

The program aims to include people with special needs in the hiring and professional development processes.

Selection Process
Those interested in participating in our selection process can apply through this link.

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